Tips to Getting a Happy Home

Topic: Tips to getting a Happy Home

Text : PR 14:1, Matt. 12:25

  1. Giving God a chance- Rev 3;20

Altar of prayer

Always seek the face of God over all matters that has to do with your marriage-‘’commit your ways into that hands of the lord and He shall direct thy paths’’

Giving family seed or offering

Give your children Gods kind of training. PR 22:6

  1. Communication and discussion

Before seeking help from outsiders always seek the opinion of your couples

Consider that both of you has a say in thee marriage

Keep all discussions and agreements in your marriage as secret as possible. PR 11:13

  1. Beware of intruders

Don’t make your spouse a subject of discussion in public for analysis

Beware of wordily and destructive counsel

Give your spouse adequate protection among your family, relations, church and other organizations

Beware of destructive friends

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