What Prayer Can Do

Text : Luke 11:5-13
Prayer is simply a means of communication between man and God for effectual and positive results.
Prayer could as well mean a medium through which the need or condition of a man is communicated to God for adequate change.

What prayer can do;
1. Prayer makes you to get heavenly attention. 1kings 17:1
When your prayer is offered to God from your heart in the name of Jesus you get heavenly attention. E.g. Elijah, He said let there be no rain and it was so because heaven attended to him.
Elijah continued in prayer and it rained again. 1kings 18:42-46
Joshua also prayed and the sun, moon stood still because of heavenly attention.
2. Prayer changes ugly situations into glorious manifestation and exaltation. Eg. Jabez 1 chron 4:9-10
3. Prayer converts needs into visible miracle and testimony. 1Samuel 1:9-20
4. Prayer can change the mind of God for possibility and positivity. Isaiah 38:1-6, The story of Lazarus, Jesus prayed a prayer of thanksgiving and the impossible became possible.
5. Prayer is the only link chain that connects man God.

How to make prayer your regular habit .
1. Pray for the infilling of the Holy Ghost.
2. Learn to keep appointments with God in prayer – e.g. John Wesley.
3. Pray with over every need and situation/condition.
4. Pray with faith and boldness.

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