Six Major Enemies of Success

What is success?
Success means an accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
Success also means to become an achiever in all sphere of life i.e. materially, financially and societal.
Success also means to gain wealth, fame or social status.

Text: Joshua.1:3-8, Gen. 26:12-14, Ps.1:3
*So many people work tirelessly like elephants in their vocation but there is no fulfillment or success
The Enemies Of Success
1. Faulty background and problematic foundation. Psalm.11:3, Psalm.82:5.
-You need to deal with whatever is faulty in the foundation of your life.
-Most marriages don’t last because it is hereditary (marriage don’t last in their lineage).
-the harder a man strife to make it under a family like that, the lower he sinks.-Zec. 1:18-21.
2. Past failures-Phil. 3:13-14
-If you don’t forget your past there cannot be a future
– Whatever failure you have seen in your marriage, business, studies or office before forget about it and match towards success .
-As you continue to remember you past you will not get the drive to move forward .
3. Financial Indiscipline
-Many people get money but could not gather it together to achieve purposes because they cannot discipline their finances
-What do you do when money gets into your hand.
-Always be a goal setter before spending your money so as to become an achiever.
4. Your mouth- James. 3:6, Psalm. 34:13 , Pr.18:21
*Whatever you say to yourself is what you are going to set.
*Stop wishing yourself bad with what you say from your mouth.
*Your life cannot be brighter than your declaration.
*Your declaration is the root of your manifestation
*It was the mouth and declaration of Joshua and Caleb that took them to their promise land
5. The spirit of procrastination.-Luke.9:59-62, Pr.27:1
*so many people have good jobs and business
*earn good profit and make good money but they could not achieve anything because of procrastination
*a procrastinator is never an achiever but a looser
6. The spirit of antagonism .-Neh.4:1

*watch out for Sambalat and Tobiah on the way of success
*shun them and ignore them as you see them on the way of your destiny.
*Pray them off your way so as to become an achiever

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