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Michael Agbaje World Outreach is a Prophetic, Evangelistic and Word based Spiritual Movement.
I was in the spirit on a mountain in a twenty one days fasting and prayer, and God gave me a mandate that moves round the World for Salvation, Deliverance and Prophetic Ministration.
“God said go and liberate the World the authority to loose and bind established in Matthew 18 vs 18”

Michael Agbaje World Outreach.

The Subject of deliverance and prophetic direction is very vital and necessary in the journey of Christianity. Behind every affliction in life, there is a root and until you’re foundationally free you’re not totally free.
Michael Agbaje World Outreach is a Prophetic Movement ordained by God to destroy the works of the devil and release the captives from the prisons of the enemy.

Without war there cannot be peace, this ministry and prophetic movement has the mandate of Heaven to declare war against the powers of hell. The ministry is into Revivals, Crusades, monthly and yearly prophetic gatherings where destines are liberated and lives are transformed. With the backing on the angels of God and Prophetic Insight ,there are revelations about the afflictions of life with automatic divine Solutions. This is a Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry that is committed to your making Heaven at last even as you pursue your God given destiny. God has a plan for you but you have the role to pray the plans into existence.
This ministry believes in the potency of prayer. When God reveals His plan or what the enemy is planning, it is prayer that settles the matter, that is why we organize both weekly and monthly prayer conference to remind God of His plan and of course to destroy, truncate and council the plans of the enemy with prayers.

Loving God, Loving Others and Serving the World

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We believe that the Bible is God’s Word. It is accurate, authoritative and applicable to our everyday lives.

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Michael Olayinka Agbaje

Pastor, Mrs

Grace Agbaje

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