Four Major Things to Stand Out Among Your Peers

August 19, 2018
Passage: Genesis 28:3-13

Text : GENESIS 28: 3-13

1. Excellent spirit – Daniel 6:3, Daniel 5:14. When you posses excellent spirit your mates must bow for you.
When you possess excellent spirit you are bound to make it in whatever you do.
You can get it if you ask for it.

2. Boldness and courage PR 28:1, EPH3:11-12
If you are not bold you can never breakthrough or move forward in life
There is no venture in life that does not involve risk
If you are not bold you cannot become high in life
Idea without bold steps leads makes you a master of none.

3. Dangerous and qualitative giving- GEN 22:3, 6-10, ECCL 11:1, Luke 5: 1-4
The hand of a giver is always on top
If you give qualitatively you will outshine your peers in all areas. There were two ship owners, but only one gave his boat for the gospel.

4. Planning and financial management – Luke 14:28
Be a planner and a goal setter.
Spend wisely and accordingly.
Maximize whatever you have to achieve a tangible thing.
If your peers spend recklessly and extravagantly, let your own spending be with wisdom and gravity.

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