Overcoming The Spirit of Anger – Seven Steps to Overcome the Spirit of Anger

August 29, 2018
Passage: Epesians 4:26-32, Proverbs 29:24-25 & Matthew 5:22

Seven steps to overcome the spirit of anger

Text: Ephesians 4: 26-32, PR. 29:24-25, Matt.5:22
What is anger: Anger simply means inability to control emotions and feelings over a matter or happenings to avoid negative reactions or speeches.
• Everybody has the tendency to become angry but it should not to be too extreme.’’ Be angry but sin not….’’EPH4 :26
• When anger becomes a regular and uncontrollable thing it becomes a spirit.
• A man can be possessed by the spirit of anger and it in hereditary in some family in African set up.
‘’some fellow will say”- I got this anger from my father or mother (hereditary)
Some few causes of anger
1. Mockery
2. Cheat
3. When somebody lies against you
4. Abuse or abusive language e.g Elisha with the children
5. When you are deprived of your right. ‘husbands and wives be careful’
6. Antagonism and persecution
7. Disappointment

Overcoming the spirit of anger:
1. Renewing your mind and your spirit with the lord regularly. Col3:16
2. The spirit of forgiveness. EPH 4:32
3. Do ot talk or do anything when you are angry. PR 15:1, PR.25:28
4. Tell your neighbor why YOU ARE ANGRY
5. Laughter. Eccl 3:4. A time to laugh . “pray for the spirit of joy”
6. Learn to be friendly and accommodating. EPH 4:32
7. Refuse to act on rumor or unconfirmed information
8. Be a man of love. “love covers all sin”

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