The Power of Positive Confession

May 5, 2019
Passage: 1 Samuel 17:37-49

This morning we shall be reading from the story of David and Goliath and the story of thee woman with the issue of blood
Text: 1 Sam 17: 37-49
There are two basic words in today's lesson that needs to be understood and explained very well.
• To be positive means to be certain
• To be hopeful in the means of hopelessness
• To be positive also means to be sure and confident which in free from doubt.
• To be positive also means to refuseto be discouraged despite your experiences
• To be positive also means to express your faithor believe over a matter or condition.
You can frustrate your frustrations by confessing your expectation and not your experiences
• The word confession in the text of today simply means declaration.
• It means to say or to declare what yo believe
• It also means to say or to declare your wish or your expectations
• To confess also means to declare or to affirm
• ‘’ David confessed his wish over his enemy (Goliath) and it came to pass”.
If you say you believe there is need to confess what you believe for adequate actualization.
If you refuse to speak out what you believe you can never see the power of what you believe.
Text:Mark 5:25-34
The power of positive confession
1. It creates an avenue for hope against hopelessness. Phil1:20, as you confessyour expectations hope comes automatically.
2. It makes you bold and confident. EPH 6:19, you will have confidence in yourself and in God.
3. What you say is what you will have. Your declaration and confession is thee root of your manifestation.
4. Positive confession also moves God and His angels into action. ‘’ I will give my angels charge over thee…’’. What you say is what they will carry out.
5. Positive confession terminates the counsels of the devil and establishes the counsel of God. Gen 1:1-4

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