You Will Get There

May 6, 2019
Passage: Philippians 3:13-14

Text: Phill 3: 13-14

1. Where Are You Going ?
2. Are You There Already?
3. Are You Satisfied With Where You Are?

To be too comfortable where you are now is to shortchange your destiny. Where you are now is not where you are going. There is a high calling ahead of you.
Quote; There is money and there is Power-MKO. When you get to your destination, you will know and people will celebrate you as an achiever. You need to stop celebrating success of now, so that God can open your eyes to see the success of the future. You are not fulfilled until you get to the area of your career and destiny.
Question: Where are you going Ps 61:12, that is the peak of your career, then you can look up and say, Father “I thank you”. If your life is not following ascending order you need deliverance or simply out, spiritual welfare/ liberation.
Ascending and descending order: up and down, suffering for so many months or years before you make another breakthrough. PR4:18. That is the expectation of God to you. To move from level to level in fact glory to glory. If you are not moving forward, it is not okay and if it is the trend in your family, then you need family deliverance, liberation. You search through the history of your family, and investigate trends, you will need spiritual warfare. So many people whose lives have been going down because they missed it from the onset. If you missed it initially, you have missed it totally. Two shall become one. The battles for both of you.
To give up when the going get tough is to become an outright failure, simply put life is not a fun fare, bed of roses but warfare. Behind ever success, there is a success story and there is no success story that is smooth. Success has its imbalance that cannot be avoided. Don’t give up when the going gets tough, if you do you are a failure. Whatever challenges you face in your career or destiny it is a proof of something greater to happen.

Three Junctions to Pass Through on Your Way to Success

1. Junction of discourages & vision/ dream killers. All over the world, these are discouragers and vision killers. Jesus the Herod, Pharisees, Sadducee and lawyers in his lifetime. If people cannot bear the level of your success, they will discourage you and kill your dreams and visions. That is just their job, and they are also in the church. Be careful of people you share your vision with not everybody will like your face and vision. When you share something with people, you can know through the expressions on their faces, whether they are happy or pretending to be happy. When success starts to unfold and we tell the wrong people things will begin to go bad. Each time I dong delegate anything that has to do with the ministry to any man, the success will be high. It is not right sometimes, to delegate what you ought to do by yourself.

2. Junction of Parasites & Psychopaths: there are people like that in life, they have nothing to contribute but to ruin you. If you don’t know how to handle them, you will be making money but they will choke you. You tactically delete them – sack them. Not that they don’t know what to capitalize on your doing well, but they want to capitalize on your giving grace to practice you for life. They will suck you to death. (human devourers) their presence around you, financially, materially drain your sweat. They have nothing to add to you.

3. Junction of encounter with the helpers of destiny.
These is no failing destiny, but what we have is a destiny/destinies that lack divine helpers.
Your glory is connecting rod between you and your helpers. If your glory shines, it does not matter where you are located, your helpers will trace you.
The glory will shine and something will connect you to your divine helpers so your journey can be faster. Most times the counsel or advises you get are rooted in wisdom.
They come as advises, counselors.
Jesus had Lazarus , Mary Magdalene , Martha who took care of his physical needs. He needed them.
Jethro – Moses
Moses – Joshua & Caleb.
It is at this junction, that so many careers, destines crashes. They look around nobody to help.

Four Things You Must Consider On Your Way To Success:

1. Past failures: To continue to dwell on your past failure is to end in stagnation.
Failure as given to our fathers in the Lord by the Holy Spirit – supply means opportunity to do it better. You’re not actually a failure, until you refuse to do it again. It is an opportunity to do it better.
Thomas Edison – Bulb 999 times on the 1001th attempt, he made it.
He was asked, if he thought that he failed, he answered that he did not fail, but he just discovered 999 ways of making a bulb.
Failure is God giving you another opportunity to try again.
Nothing in life is cheap.
Do not allow it to weigh you down. Failure has weight if you allow it to weigh you down, you will be stagnant.

2. Dogged Fours : Pr 4:25-26

Principle Of Focusity

A shift in focus is a total loss of destination. If you have somewhere you’re going, be focused.
If you are not focused, there will contrasting decisions and you will lose the original focus.
Your focus is the navigator of the goal of your destiny.

Three Major Killers Of Focus

1. What people say against you: If you listen to what people are saying against you, you will lose focus. You don’t need people to tell you, how good you are. You must be careful of what you hear.
What people say against you , is a major killer in your pursuit of destiny.
Some people’s job is to discourage you, they will side track you.
Major killer of Ministry – What people say, but they can say anything but what matters is what God says.

2. Competition and Unhealthy Rivalry – If you like competition and copying people, you will fail. There are no 2 people, everyone has his own assignment.
Competition is the killer of focus of God given career or destiny.
Nobody is born empty; nobody is born a dullard, but we just don’t follow the precepts of God and we do follow follow (follow bad wagon).

3. Total Derailment from Divine Orders.

4. Laziness – Pr 6:9-11, is a killer in the pursuit of success in life. If it is not you, nobody else can do it. There are somethings you must do by yourself.
Lazy men don’t achieve anything. The secrets and loopholes they should have discovered on their own has been given to parasites and sycophants .
Lazy people look for cheap popularity. Don’t allow prosperity to make you forget the things of God.
Don’t allow financial blessings to make you a lazy man.
Don’t be a lazy man/woman.

Everyday Wisdom: Try to upgrade yourself or you limit yourself to kind of congregation you want. Whatever you do, seek knowledge on how to go about it, what to improve upon. But if you want to do it the way you want you will be outdated.

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